The Brothership Network
The Brothership Network
Sacred Sons

Welcome to The Brothership Network

Brotherhood is the Medicine.

About Us

We are committed to building alchemical spaces for men to be witnessed, heard, and accepted in their deepest truth so they ignite their inner fire and show up fully present to life.

Why Join?

Healthy masculinity was never taught to us, so now it’s time. 

We've created this community network to bridge the integration gaps between in-person and online experiences, so that the connection of brotherhood is not novelty or utopian, but an embodied reality and collective way of being.

What Sacred Sons Embodies

We are brothers, fathers, uncles, challengers, lovers, warriors, wizards, and Sons. These roles are the full expression of our Pillar Embodiments:

  • Brotherhood

    We stand as an inclusive community of brothers seeking to end the lone wolf and to co-steward the return of the father archetype on this planet. We rise together!

  • InterSovereignty

    We acknowledge the part within oneself that acknowledges the part within another, that knows we are whole, loving, and unfuckwithable. 

  • Authenticity

    We honor and recognize each brother as their unique self embracing their individual paths and to show up for themselves and the people in their lives without judgement.

  • Listening

    We are here to witness and listen to the truths, stories, and impacts of others from an embodied masculine archetype.

  • Accountability

    We are committed to aligning and re-aligning integrity of ourselves and other men when agreements and responsibilities have been broken. We support each brother to take action from truth and responsibility.

  • Acceptance

    We recognize the value of accepting ourselves and others as we are through holding the awareness of collective love and letting go of control.

It's TIME!

The best way to get started is right here. Add your first Post by telling us what's ALIVE for you right now.

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